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At Healthcare Venture Professionals, our core business is the development and long-term management of ASC’s. Within this core business is a strong emphasis, history and commitment to the collaborative or Joint Venture (JV) approach to ASC’s owned by Physicians and Hospitals together.

While professional management of ASC’s entails similar practices regardless of ownership agreements, the ability to deal with the special aspects of joint venture or JV in a Physician / Hospital ownership model separates HVP from others in the field. HVP senior leaders have served as Hospital CEO’s and in senior multi-hospital system positions. In these capacities, we’ve successfully worked with literally thousands of Physicians all over the U.S. Sure, we understand the ASC from an operational perspective but, more importantly, we personally understand the professional challenges and pressures being faced by Hospitals and Physicians outside the ASC arena. It’s not something we’ve heard about-it’s something we’ve lived!

Inquire about a feasibility study or an analysis of your hospital joint venture.

Check out other ASC management companies. See how many of their executives have the unique advantage of having “sat in the chair”. We at HVP have managed Hospitals and dealt with hundreds of Medical Staffs. There’s no substitute for this type of experience when dealing with the complexities of joint ownership (partnership) of an ASC. Because we understand Hospitals and Physicians from a “real world” perspective, we’ll help you solve existing problems vs. creating more of them for you as ASC Owners.

Visit our ASC ownership models page for more information about hospital/physician owned arrangements, HOPDs, and more.

Of course, we also bring a proven track record of successful consulting, development and management of ASC’s. From working with the contract and terms of the agreement to operations, HVP is your source for ASC consulting. With HVP, you’ll get the benefit of this in depth JV ASC experience and expertise. You’ll also get the added value of dealing directly with seasoned executives who have a broad perspective related to all aspects of the healthcare delivery system. We know Hospitals. We know Physicians. We know ASC’s.

To learn more about HVP, its management capabilities and its senior executives, contact our ASC team. Or call and speak with one of our Principals at 615-400-4851 for more information.