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Joint Venture ASC

At Healthcare Venture Professionals, our core business is the development and long-term management of ASC’s. Within this core business is a strong emphasis, history and commitment to the collaborative or Joint Venture (JV) approach to ASC’s owned by Physicians and Hospitals together.

While professional management of ASC’s entails similar practices regardless of ownership agreements, the ability to deal with the special aspects of joint venture or JV in a Physician / Hospital ownership model separates HVP from others in the field. HVP senior leaders have served as Hospital CEO’s and in senior multi-hospital system positions. In these capacities, we’ve successfully worked with literally thousands of Physicians all over the U.S. Sure, we understand the ASC from an operational perspective but, more importantly, we personally understand the professional challenges and pressures being faced by Hospitals and Physicians outside the ASC arena. It’s not something we’ve heard about-it’s something we’ve lived!

Inquire about a feasibility study or an analysis of your hospital joint venture.

Check out other ASC management companies. See how many of their executives have the unique advantage of having “sat in the chair”. We at HVP have managed Hospitals and dealt with hundreds of Medical Staffs. There’s no substitute for this type of experience when dealing with the complexities of joint ownership (partnership) of an ASC. Because we understand Hospitals and Physicians from a “real world” perspective, we’ll help you solve existing problems vs. creating more of them for you as ASC Owners.

Visit our ASC ownership models page for more information about hospital/physician owned arrangements, HOPDs, and more.

Of course, we also bring a proven track record of successful consulting, development and management of ASC’s. From working with the contract and terms of the agreement to operations, HVP is your source for ASC consulting. With HVP, you’ll get the benefit of this in depth JV ASC experience and expertise. You’ll also get the added value of dealing directly with seasoned executives who have a broad perspective related to all aspects of the healthcare delivery system. We know Hospitals. We know Physicians. We know ASC’s.

To learn more about HVP, its management capabilities and its senior executives, contact our ASC team. Or call and speak with one of our Principals at 615-400-4851 for more information.

ASC Management

Healthcare Venture Professionals is a great source for either long-term management or interim / turnaround management for your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Our ability to provide you strong and stable on-site leadership can be of tremendous value if your existing ASC is going through a leadership transition or if you’re planning a new Surgery Center.

HVP attracts experienced ASC Executives for you to consider. We then provide your choice of Executives with ongoing direct guidance and support using the full gamut of HVP consultative resources for Surgery Centers.

HVP routinely provides all types of professional services to Surgery Centers ranging from month-end financials to payer negotiations. If it’s ongoing management your need, HVP has the time and talent necessary to assist you in optimizing the performance of your ASC. We specialize in joint ventured ASC and HVP knows how to prevent or deal with problems your ASC may be facing. Of greater importance, as your manager we can use the expertise and experience of HVP to identify opportunities for your ASC to further grow and prosper.

There’s another important consideration when you look at professional ASC management. Unlike most other Companies, we don’t require an equity stake in your ASC unless you decide that you’d like HVP to participate in such ownership. This important choice is yours. In either case, a relationship with HVP will result in the finest professional leadership for your ASC.

Take a look at the “Client Testimonials” on our website at You’ll see our Clients attest to the quality of ongoing management and support services we’ve provided to them. Or, give us a call at 615-400-4851. We’d enjoy an opportunity to talk with you directly about the numerous ways that HVP can be of assistance to you and your ASC.

Feasibility Analysis for JV ASC's

If you’re thinking about creating or syndicating a joint ventured ambulatory surgery center (JV ASC) in your community, the critical first step is to formally determine its feasibility. The performance of a comprehensive and objective Market Feasibility Analysis should be at the forefront of your initial JV ASC planning and development efforts.

A thorough and professionally conducted Feasibility Analysis should answer the key financial and qualitative questions related to the potential for a successful JV ASC venture. If you proceed with ASC development, the Feasibility Analysis then serves as a blueprint for subsequent business planning and eventual business success. For these and other important reasons, you should be hesitant to engage any Company or Consultant who promises the quickest or cheapest approach to the conducting of the Feasibility Analysis. Too many key decisions affecting the future of your ASC project will ride on the results to run the risk of basing such decisions on factors primarily related to timing or pricing of the Analysis.

Healthcare Venture Professionals specializes in JV ASC’s and has performed numerous JV ASC- specific Feasibility Analyses over the past few years. This experience allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive Analysis available at what we believe to be an extremely reasonable price. We’ll also agree on a timeframe for completion of the Analysis which permits a thorough consideration of all key factors yet meets your need for a timely completion of this important phase of the JV ASC planning process.

We’ll define total Project capital costs and prepare a 5 year set of pro forma financial and statistical statements for the ASC which include all projected case volumes, revenues and operating expenses. We’ll survey and meet with all targeted Physicians as well as the Hospital representatives to mutually develop the assumptions being used to prepare the pro forma statements. We’ll work with an Architect to initially define the facility size and scope and with Legal Counsel to consider initial corporate structure and related legal matters. In summary, we’ll work participatively with all key players to make sure that we’ve conducted a thorough and exhaustive Feasibility Analysis for the contemplated ASC.

You can learn more about HVP’s approach to the ASC Feasibility Analysis by visiting our website at Or, give us a call at 615-400-4851-we’d love to talk with you personally about this important subject.