HVP Client Testimonials

Several of HVP’s past or current Clients have taken the time to briefly discuss their relationship and level of satisfaction with HVP services and the HVP Team who provides them.

Hear what HVP clients have to say about our ASC services.

"Previously, I had indirectly observed and also heard from my colleagues about the wonderful job that HVP was doing related to the development and ongoing operations of the West Hartford Surgery Center.

Now, as a representative of Hartford Hospital on the LLC Board of Directors of the Glastonbury Surgery Center, I have the opportunity to routinely interact and directly observe the HVP Corporate Team. I must admit that all the positive comments I had previously heard about HVP are true!

Quote 1While I am very familiar with inpatient systems, this is my first Board activity in an ambulatory center. Every question I had was answered by HVP people with facts, observations, and examples from the West Hartford Surgery Center, and other sites. I am impressed with how HVP can draw on its experience elsewhere to provide logical, well-thought-out, rational decisions on difficult issues which arose at almost every Board meeting. As has become the rule in clinical situations in medicine, helping run this business has convinced me that "you can never do it alone". HVP provides balance, experience, rationality, and a sense that "we have been there, and we know what to do now to achieve our goals”.

All the HVP representatives I’ve dealt with are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They’ve prepared GSC to be well-positioned in a very complex and challenging healthcare environment. HVP’s expertise and commitment to the provision of high quality outpatient surgical services is quite evident and reflects well on the overall commitment of Hartford Hospital to providing such services to the community it serves through state-of-the-art programs and facilities such as our GSC joint venture."

Joseph J. Klimek, M.D., FACP
Vice President, Physician Relations
Hartford Hospital

"We originally engaged HVP to direct the development phase for a Multi Specialty Joint Ventured ASC to be owned by Connecticut Surgical Group (CSG) and Hartford Hospital. It was a very complicated Project where the ASC was one component of a larger satellite healthcare and commercial venture.

From the outset, we benefited greatly from HVP’s obvious knowledge and experience. They took charge of the Project and worked closely with us to accomplish several key tasks and to identify a number of significant ASC design improvements. We were so pleased with the results of our previous decision that we subsequently entered into a longer term Management Services Agreement for the ASC with HVP."

Jeffrey Morgenstern, M.D.
Medical Director
West Hartford Surgery Center

"HVP provided needed interim leadership and consulting support to our specialty surgery facility at a very critical juncture. They showed tremendous insight into both the operational and strategic aspects of our organization and made a tremendous contribution to our stabilization. In doing so, HVP representatives also demonstrated a unique understanding of the challenges, needs and mindset of Physician Owners such as me. Thanks to HVP, RHI can now look toward a bright, positive future. I'd welcome an opportunity to work with HVP again in the future."

David Fallang
M.D., Chairman
Riverview Health Institute, Dayton, OH

"HVP gave us the personal attention and on-site commitment they promised. They offered the guidance we needed to get our Outpatient Surgery Center off to a great start and everyone on their team was extremely responsive to our needs. In our first five months since opening, volume is close to the center’s capacity and we are operating at, or very near, all of the operating and financial benchmarks. They exceeded my expectations. I would recommend HVP to anyone with a similar need."

Chuck Elliott
former CEO
Rowan Regional Medical Center, Salisbury, NC

"HVP assisted us in identifying physician-hospital collaborative opportunities. We also asked them to do an operational assessment of an existing ASC. In working with them, it was obvious to our senior staff that HVP representatives possessed a unique blend of talent and expertise directly related to physician and hospital relationships. I strongly believe that HVP's contribution will be invaluable as we continue our efforts to work more closely with our physicians as true partners."

Randy Stasik
former President & CEO
Borgess Health Alliance, Kalamazoo, MI

"We’re getting ready to open the Middlesex Center for Advanced Orthopedic Surgery, a beautiful new Single Specialty ASC. MCAOS is a complex Joint Venture involving Middlesex Hospital and multiple Orthopedic Surgeons from 3 separate groups. We initiaQuote 3lly hired HVP to perform the Feasibility Analysis for the Project and were quite pleased with the professional and participative process used- so much so that the Hospital and its Physician Partners subsequently agreed to engage HVP to provide Development and ongoing Management Services for the ASC.

HVP guided and assisted us through what turned out to be a very challenging development process. As we approach day-to-day operations of the ASC, I’m confident that HVP will continue to provide us with the professional support necessary to ensure MCAOS success for many years to come."

Vincent Capece
President and Chief Operating Officer
Middlesex Hospital

"While West Hartford Surgery Center was under development, we began considering a change to the corporate structure from a JV to a Hospital-owned entity or Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD). While this decision was being made, ASC development continued and HVP had to prepare the facility for either alternative. We were able to make this important decision in a thoughtful fashion since we knew that HVP would have us ready to open under either scenario.

Once the decision was reached to go the HOPD route, HVP worked hand-in-hand with Connecticut Surgical Group and Hartford Hospital to coordinate final pre-opening activities and to structure an innovative “co-management” approach to ongoing WHSC operations. We now have a beautiful, growing, professionally-managed ASC and we’re more convinced than ever that we made the right decision in choosing HVP to help us.

In fact, we hired HVP again to develop and manage the joint ventured Glastonbury Surgery Center and we’ve now opened this beautiful new facility as well."

J. Kevin Kinsella, Ph.D.
Vice President
Hartford Hospital

"Physicians from the Connecticut Surgical Group supported the decision to change our new ASC from a Joint Venture with the Hospital to a Hospital Outpatient Department or HOPD. HVP provided key analysis as a part of this decision. CSG now manages the ASC and is receiving great support from HVP. HVP and its ASC Administrator have been instrumental in identifying additional Physicians and new equipment and procedures that will contribute to ASC growth for many years to come. We’ve created a unique team approach for the ASC, and HVP is an integral part of the equation."

Jeffrey Cohen, M.D.
Connecticut Surgical Group

"Our Physician-Hospital Joint Venture ASC entails dealing with 10 individual Orthopedic Surgeons from 3 historically competing Groups-not the easiest of situations to bring together! HVP moved smoothly into this complicated situation and demonstrated its obvious experience and comfort level in dealing with such a diverse group of professionals.

They’ve helped us work through some potentially difficult issues among the Physicians and have also played an important “buffer” role in facilitating communications between the Physicians and the Hospital. HVP has been extremely effective in helping to keep our Physician-Hospital Partnership and our Project moving forward."

Steve Luster, M.D.
Founding Member
Middlesex Center for Advanced Orthopedic Surgery