HVP ASC Equity Options

In conjunction with long term management services, HVP will consider making an investment in your ASC. If such a partnership makes sense in your situation, HVP would be happy to consider one of the following options:

The Equal Equity Approach

Physician or Hospital owners and HVP each own an equal amount of the ASC. HVP also provides the full range of management services under this approach.

The Tailored Equity Approach

HVP owns a smaller portion of the ASC – anywhere from 5% to 15% and also provides management services.

HVP as an Investment Partner

  • Unlike most other companies, HVP will never mandate or require an equity stake in your ASC – if all you need are development and management services, that’s fine with us!
  • Your ASC could further benefit by HVP having “a dog in the fight” as an equity participant – that’s why we’re happy to consider this approach
  • HVP equity participation is another powerful way for us to demonstrate our commitment to the long term success of the ASC by going “at risk”, as a business partner, along with the Hospital or Physician owners
  • HVP equity participation can also have a direct positive impact on the development or management fees that we normally charge

Whether HVP has an equity stake or not, you can trust us to develop and manage your ASC with the same level of excellent service and commitment to long term success.

Again, the choice is yours! With HVP, you always remain in local control of the ASC while HVP provides the best management and support services tailored to meet the specific needs of the ASC and its owners.

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