Ambulatory Surgery Center Models

HVP has dealt with each possible Surgery Center “model.” Whether it’s a Single or Multi Specialty center, and whether it’s owned by Physicians, a Hospital, or is a Physician-Hospital joint venture, HVP has the expertise and experience necessary to assist you. We’ll even consider taking a minority ownership position in the Center if you’d like. For each available model, HVP can help you plan for a new Surgery Center or help with any aspect of an existing ASC.

ASC Service Models

  • Single Specialty Center – The ASC is limited to a single (or closely related) specialty. Physicians in that specialty are typically those involved in ownership as well. These same Physicians usually bring a majority of the Patients served by the Center.
  • Multi Specialty Center – The ASC provides a wide range of procedures among a large number of specialties. Again, Physicians from all represented specialties are typically involved in the ownership of the Center and usually bring the majority of Patients served by the Center.

ASC Ownership Models

  • Hospital-Owned (HOPD) Center – Owned and operated solely by the Hospital either on campus or off campus (typically as a part of a larger ambulatory care site). Usually a physically separate facility, the Center is considered to be a Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) or part of the Hospital for licensure, accreditation and reimbursement purposes.
  • Physician-Owned Center – Owned solely by Physicians. Sometimes created as an extension of the Physician(s) office, it may be either Single or Multi Specialty. It is treated as a “freestanding ASC” for licensure, accreditation and reimbursement purposes.
  • Hospital/Physician-Owned – A “Joint Venture” approach where the Center is owned by a Hospital and a group of Physicians together. Percentages of respective ownership will vary depending on the individual situation. The Center may be Single or Multi Specialty in nature. It is treated as a “freestanding ASC” for licensure, accreditation and reimbursement purposes.
  • Company Ownership – Under either the Physician-Owned or Hospital/Physician-Owned models, ownership may be shared with a professional ASC Management Company that also provides ongoing management services to the Center.

Please Note: For any of the Service Models or Ownership Models described above, HVP can provide the management, consulting or support resources necessary to make the ASC successful in the eyes of the Patient and all Owners and users of the Center.

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