Ambulatory Surgery Center Management using the HVP Leadership Advantage

Depending on your leadership needs, HVP can provide Management Services for your existing or planned ambulatory surgery center (ASC). We will also consider an equity investment in your ASC – but only if you want us to do so.

HVP’s range of ASC Management Services includes the following:

Interim or Turnaround ASC Management

HVP can help your existing ambulatory surgery center by providing a full-time professional (supplemented by the HVP leadership team) to take an interim role as operational manager for your ASC. If needed, we can also provide supplementary ASC consulting services at the same time.

Long Term ASC Management

HVP’s core business is the provision of long term management to your new or existing ASC. This includes a full-time professional on-site as well as ongoing consulting and support services.

The HVP Leadership Advantage for your ASC

  • HVP attracts the “best and the brightest” executives due to opportunities for career advancement and affiliation with a growing, nationally-recognized company
  • A guaranteed continuity of operations (via the entire HVP leadership team) should turnover occur at the local ASC executive level
  • The Administrator of the ASC serves at the pleasure of the ASC owners. The owners may request, at any time, that the Administrator be removed or replaced. On the other hand, HVP will never remove or replace this individual without Venture Board approval.

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