ASC Feasibility Analysis

The critical first step in any new Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Project is the performance of a thorough and objective Financial Feasibility Analysis.

This Analysis should answer key financial and other questions about the likelihood of a successful ASC venture. It’s important that you get experts to perform this Feasibility Analysis since most of the key decisions about the future of your ASC Project will ride on the results. HVP has performed numerous ASC Feasibility Analyses and can provide you with the most comprehensive Analysis available.

HVP will tailor the Feasibility Study/Analysis to meet your specific needs and time frame, and you’ll be involved throughout the process! We’ll survey and interview all those directly involved in the ASC Project. We’ll define capital costs and prepare a 5 year set of pro forma financial and statistical statements using HVP’s specialized ASC pro forma model. We’ll work with your Architect and Legal Counsel (or recommend one with in-depth ASC experience if necessary) for the Project. We can even help with certificate of need (CON) requirements depending on your location.

Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) or Joint Venture (JV)?

HVP has helped new ASC’s develop as a Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD). Similarly, HVP has worked on the conversion of existing Joint Venture or physician-owned ASC’s to HOPD structures. Is your executive team considering a Joint Venture (JV) versus a Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) approach? Our ASC feasibility analysis will enable your executive team to make an informed decision, considering the costs and benefits of an HOPD versus Joint Venture arrangement.

With HVP, you’ll get a Feasibility Analysis that has been conducted in a thorough, objective, participative and professional fashion. You’ll also get the peace of mind in knowing that you can base your key ASC development decisions on this Analysis. Please contact HVP for more information about the how HVP can help you with this crucial Feasibility Analysis process.


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