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ASC Management

Healthcare Venture Professionals is a great source for either long-term management or interim / turnaround management for your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Our ability to provide you strong and stable on-site leadership can be of tremendous value if your existing ASC is going through a leadership transition or if you’re planning a new Surgery Center.

HVP attracts experienced ASC Executives for you to consider. We then provide your choice of Executives with ongoing direct guidance and support using the full gamut of HVP consultative resources for Surgery Centers.

HVP routinely provides all types of professional services to Surgery Centers ranging from month-end financials to payer negotiations. If it’s ongoing management your need, HVP has the time and talent necessary to assist you in optimizing the performance of your ASC. We specialize in joint ventured ASC and HVP knows how to prevent or deal with problems your ASC may be facing. Of greater importance, as your manager we can use the expertise and experience of HVP to identify opportunities for your ASC to further grow and prosper.

There’s another important consideration when you look at professional ASC management. Unlike most other Companies, we don’t require an equity stake in your ASC unless you decide that you’d like HVP to participate in such ownership. This important choice is yours. In either case, a relationship with HVP will result in the finest professional leadership for your ASC.

Take a look at the “Client Testimonials” on our website at You’ll see our Clients attest to the quality of ongoing management and support services we’ve provided to them. Or, give us a call at 615-400-4851. We’d enjoy an opportunity to talk with you directly about the numerous ways that HVP can be of assistance to you and your ASC.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Management

Long-term ASC management (together with the ASC Development process) is HVP’s primary business.  We are uniquely qualified and prepared to meet all of your ongoing management needs.

The day-to-day operations of your ASC need to be in the hands of experienced and competent professionals.  ASC owners (whether Hospital or Physician or both) have other priorities and issues to deal with in their own “core” businesses.  Managing your ASC is HVP’s core business and becomes our primary responsibility under a formal Development and Management Services Agreement.  As ASC owner, you can be free to concentrate on your own professional endeavors while having the “peace of mind” in knowing that your ASC investment is in good hands.

HVP can provide you with an experienced ASC Executive who you are involved in selecting.  We’ll then provide a wide range of corporate and consulting support to that Executive and the ASC itself.  For ASC owners, it’s the classic “one stop shopping” approach.  Through HVP, you’ll receive competent day-to-day management coupled with a direct and ongoing source for the vast majority of ongoing consultative and support needs for your ASC.

HVP may also be able to help you during any period of transition in on-site leadership. Or, you may feel that your current ASC Executive could benefit from a single and reliable source of ongoing support and guidance.  In either case, HVP stands ready to provide you and your ASC with the right blend of support resources that will help your facility prosper in the months and years ahead.  To learn more about HVP’s ASC management approach and capabilities, call us at 615-457-1848 or visit our website at


An Ambulatory Surgery Center or ASC has the potential to result in many benefits for the Owners and Physician users as well as for the Patients who undergo outpatient surgery at the facility. An ASC will be successful given sufficient surgical volumes, a good payer mix, a well-designed and professionally managed facility, and the right partnership structure among ASC Owners and Physician users. On the other hand, the absence of these and related key ingredients will, in all likelihood, lead to the failure of the ASC.

Before investing in an ASC, either Physicians or Hospitals should pose one very simple but critical question: Do we have a feasible plan related to the opening of the ASC? The performance of a thorough and professional Market Feasibility Analysis should be the first (and perhaps most important) step in considering such a significant investment. This Analysis should directly answer key questions such as: Do we have sufficient committed Surgeons and projected case volumes? Can we be successful with the projected payer mix and related reimbursement? Who is our competition? Have we chosen the best location for the ASC? Is our ownership model the best one?

At Healthcare Venture Professionals, we’re specialists at helping you answer such crucial questions. HVP is a leading national resource when it comes to ASC consulting, development and management. We’ve performed countless feasibility studies and have assisted hundreds of Physicians or Hospitals as they seek answers to all the key questions.

After we’ve helped you determine ASC feasibility (or provided strategies to you to make it feasible!), we can also assume primary responsibility for successful development and ongoing professional / specialized management of your ASC. Give us a call at 615-457-1848 or visit our website at to learn more about what HVP can contribute to you and your ASC.

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