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Surgery Center Development

Once you make the decision (after a thorough Feasibility Analysis) to move ahead with your ASC, the next critical phase of the Project (which will take you right up to the opening of the ASC) is the Development process. There are literally hundreds of important decisions and required steps in ASC Development. To put it simply: successful Development “sets the stage” for successful ongoing ASC operations.

On the other hand, mistakes or oversights which occur during Development are often difficult to correct after your ASC is up and running. Such “mid-course corrections” can be costly and disruptive to implement. For example, poor facility design contributes to excessive overhead costs, wasted space, staffing/productivity inefficiencies and less than optimal use of the Surgeon’s valuable time. It also can lead to poor Patient and Family “flow” and ultimate dissatisfaction with the outpatient surgery experience. Timely decisions and prudent acquisition of Capital Equipment (both clinical and administrative), one of the most expensive components of the Development process, must take place. Effective Policies and Procedures must be ready to go on Day 1. Beneficial third party payer contracts and cost-effective supply acquisition and inventory control approaches must be in place. Medical Staff-related processes dealing with Credentialing, Quality Assurance and peer review must be established together with all other systems and procedures necessary to obtain required Licensure and/or Accreditation for the ASC. Numerous other actions must be taken and decisions made to achieve the goal of creating a successful ongoing ASC venture.

This complexity involved in the ASC Development phase is reflected in HVP’s “ASC Development Checklist.” You can request a free copy of this Checklist on the HVP website at Take a look at it, and then give HVP a call at 615-457-1848. HVP’s goal is always to work with you to “do it right the first time”! Let’s talk about how HVP can provide you with the experience, expertise and resources necessary to ensure that your ASC is a successful from the very first day of operations.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Development

Successful development of an ASC requires the right combination of  broad vision for the facility balanced with ASC-specific in depth experience and attention to detail.  Your goal should be to reach the facility opening point with a minimum of duplication of effort, unnecessary work or unexpected surprises along the way.
ASC development is a complex task with hundreds of large and small steps required during the process.  From Architect selection to construction to equipment and systems selection, ASC Owners need to know that they’ve got someone in charge that has the time and experience necessary to avoid the many pitfalls that can arise during this complicated and tedious undertaking.  ASC development is not the time for a “learn as you go” approach unless you’re interested in taking too much time and spending too much money during the process.

HVP can bring the needed experience and resources to your ASC development process.  Whether it’s templates for policies and procedures or thorough preparation for ASC licensure/certification or accreditation, HVP stands ready to assist you in based on the numerous resources and expertise it possesses.  You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” or worry about who’s looking after your budding investment in the ASC.

As a service to our potential Clients, HVP has created an ASC Development Checklist which contains more than 200 items that need to be considered during the ASC development process.  You can request a free copy of this Checklist at our website,  Or give us a call at 615-457-1848 if you’d like to learn more about ASC development and how HVP can help.