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Physician Hospital Joint Ventures

Ambulatory surgery centers or ASC’s are ideal Physician Hospital Joint Ventures (JV). Such ASC’s can be beneficial to both parties from a business perspective and can serve as a foundation for other subsequent efforts aimed at Physician Hospital collaboration.

Of equal or greater importance, Patients and the Community served tend to place tremendous value upon such facilities. They certainly enjoy the convenience and modern setting and equipment. They also like the fact that the local Hospital and its Doctors are partnering to bring such a facility to them. The impression (or image) that the Community has of the ASC partners can be greatly enhanced as a result of the facility. All in all, Patient and their Families usually express higher levels of satisfaction with the services provided in the new ASC setting.

In many markets, an ASC JV is a logical first choice when the Hospital has decided it would like to more-formally collaborate with members of its Medical Staff. A significant amount (up to 80% or more in some locations) of surgery being performed is now outpatient or ambulatory in nature. A mechanism to meet this growing trend in an improved fashion makes perfect business sense. It should also lead to expanded market shares of outpatient surgery for both the Hospital and involved Surgeons.

From a legal and regulatory point of view, the required path to follow in developing a Joint Venture ASC is well delineated. There are Companies, Legal Counsel, Architects, Equipment Planners and other professionals who have in-depth experience and expertise specific to the JV ASC model.

HVP itself specializes in both ASC’s and in the JV ASC ownership approach. Give us a call at 615-457-1848 so that we can talk personally with you about the JV ASC approach and how HVP can be of assistance to you. You can also learn more about our philosophy and experience in the ASC JV arena by visiting our website at

Surgery Center Feasibility

Building an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is an important and expensive undertaking. The decision to move ahead with an ASC Project should only be made after an objective and comprehensive Feasibility Analysis has been conducted.

HVP takes a practical and participative approach to each and every Feasibility Analysis it performs. Prospective Hospital and Physicians Owners are directly involved at each stage of the Analysis. The end result is a thorough and personalized look at all major components of the contemplated ASC. All key questions are answered. Using its proprietary Model created over many years of practical ASC experience, HVP provides you with a detailed set of Pro Forma financial and statistical projections which address all necessary financial considerations for the ASC Project from the time of initiation through the first five (5) years of ongoing operations. We’ll also work directly with your Architect, Legal Counsel or other involved external Professionals (or we can recommend such Professionals if you’d like) to make sure that no important topic or consideration is left out of your decision to move ahead with the ASC.

We at HVP sincerely believe that we conduct the best ASC Feasibility Study available in the United States. Our tailored (as opposed to a standardized or “cookie cutter”) approach to working with potential ASC Owners, coupled with our years of ASC experience, helps to ensure that you are most comfortable in making the critical “go or no go” decision when it comes to moving forward with any ASC Project.

We’re not promising you the quickest or cheapest approach to your Feasibility Analysis – only the best! Even then, we think you’ll be surprised by the speed, thoroughness and affordability of the HVP approach when measured against the magnitude of the decision you are facing and the quality of the product you’ll receive from HVP.

Learn more about the HVP approach to Feasibility Studies by visiting our website at Even better, give us a call at 615-457-1848 so that we can personally talk with you about this important topic