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Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Consulting

What makes a good ASC Consultant

The best Consultants bring a combination of expertise, experience, objectivity, “user-friendliness”, strong communication skills and a willingness to use these skills in such a way as to maximize the benefits of the consulting engagement for their Clients. In addition to providing ASC Development and long-term Management Services, Healthcare Venture Professionals (HVP) offers a wide range of “unbundled” Project Consulting Services related to planned, new or existing ASC’s.

See our full list of ASC Consultant Services.

What Sets HVP apart as ASC Consultants

HVP avoids the “cookie cutter” approach to consulting and works diligently to tailor its services to meet the specific situation and needs of each Client. Our healthcare consultants recognize that are multiple ways to deal with ASC problems or opportunities when they arise and we pride ourselves on our ability to blend our experience and expertise with the unique aspects of each individual Client situation. The result is an excellent consulting product for each and every HVP Client.

Our Consulting Products

Among HVP’s numerous consulting products, foremost is our comprehensive ASC Market Feasibility Analysis. This Analysis is the important first step for any Physician or Hospital considering ASC ownership. It answers the key business, financial and operational questions that must be considered before the decision to develop a new ASC (or to become involved in an existing ASC) is made.

Operations Consulting

HVP can also help you with assessing the operations of an existing ASC, provide education about ASC’s to key players such as Hospital Boards or Physicians, or even furnish interim on-site management support for your ASC. Again, all such Project Consulting Services will be tailored to meet your specific needs and situation.

Please take a look at the “Client” section of the HVP website at You’ll see a “Representative Project List” which depicts the depth and breadth of HVP’s consulting experience. You can also see what a number of our former or current Clients have to say about their level of satisfaction with HVP’s tailored approach to serving our Clients. Then if you’d like to learn more about our Project Consulting Services or talk about your specific situation, give us a call at 615-457-1848.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Planning

As specialists in the development and management of ambulatory surgery centers, Healthcare Venture Professionals can assist you with any aspect of your ASC planning process.  Our Project Consulting and formal Development and Management Services are geared toward ensuring that you make the right decision as to the feasibility of your ASC project and that subsequent planning, design and construction activities result in the best possible outcome for all ASC owners.

HVP can guide you through the maze of ASC planning and development.  We’ll oversee all key facets of your proposed facility beginning with the decision to proceed and ending with the first surgical case being performed.  We’ll help you select or we can recommend experienced key external professionals (such as Architect, Legal Counsel or Equipment Planners) that you’ll need during the ASC development phase and we’ll take the lead in  coordinating their activities.  We’ll assume primary responsibility for all the complexities encountered during ASC development to include policy and procedure development, staffing and human resource matters, Medical Staff credentialing and ongoing peer review mechanisms, licensure and accreditation and numerous other tasks that must be accomplished prior to opening of the ASC.

HVP will serve as a single source of accountability for all required activities during the ASC planning and development phases.  Our experienced executives will be regularly on site during this period and will always be immediately available to you should any need arise.  You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your ASC investment is in professional and capable hands at all times.

To help our potential Clients better understand and appreciate the complex nature of ASC planning and development, HVP has created an “ASC Development Checklist” which contains more than 200 items that need to be considered during the ASC development process.  You can request a free copy of this Checklist at our website,  Or give us a call at 615-457-1848 if you’d like to learn more about ASC planning and how HVP can be of assistance to you.