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Outpatient Surgery Centers

Outpatient surgery centers (or ambulatory surgery centers / ASC’s) are a growing part of the healthcare landscape. Recent data shows that there soon will be more outpatient surgery centers than there are Hospitals in the U.S. This trend is expected to continue in the years ahead as more and more services are provided in an outpatient vs. the traditional inpatient setting.

It’s well documented that both Patients and Physicians prefer the convenience and efficiency found in a surgery center. A freestanding ASC, by definition, is able to provide surgical services in a manner that even the best-operated Hospital-based outpatient surgical setting is unlikely to match. The outpatient surgery center is dedicated to doing one thing only with minimal distraction or interruption. Patients receive high quality surgery in a lower cost setting. Customer/Patient (and Family) service is primary. Physicians can be more productive which frees up valuable time for other professional and personal endeavors.

HVP believes that Hospitals and Physicians should be proactive in considering the development of such dedicated, free standing centers. Ideally, this will be done taking a collaborative, partnership approach with joint Hospital and Physicians ownership. The alternative scenario frequently is where one of these parties chooses to develop an ASC without involvement of the other. The result can be increased competition between the two most important groups of healthcare providers in the community. As a rule, neither the Hospital nor the Physicians benefit from this approach in the long run and the Patient frequently gets stuck in the middle.

If you believe an opportunity exists for the development of a free standing outpatient surgery center in your community, give HVP a call at 615-457-1848. We can help you look at the feasibility of such a project. We can also help you assess the various ownership options that may exist for the ASC. You can also learn more about HVP’s approach to the development (and ongoing management) of outpatient surgery centers by visiting our website at