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An Ambulatory Surgery Center or ASC has the potential to result in many benefits for the Owners and Physician users as well as for the Patients who undergo outpatient surgery at the facility. An ASC will be successful given sufficient surgical volumes, a good payer mix, a well-designed and professionally managed facility, and the right partnership structure among ASC Owners and Physician users. On the other hand, the absence of these and related key ingredients will, in all likelihood, lead to the failure of the ASC.

Before investing in an ASC, either Physicians or Hospitals should pose one very simple but critical question: Do we have a feasible plan related to the opening of the ASC? The performance of a thorough and professional Market Feasibility Analysis should be the first (and perhaps most important) step in considering such a significant investment. This Analysis should directly answer key questions such as: Do we have sufficient committed Surgeons and projected case volumes? Can we be successful with the projected payer mix and related reimbursement? Who is our competition? Have we chosen the best location for the ASC? Is our ownership model the best one?

At Healthcare Venture Professionals, we’re specialists at helping you answer such crucial questions. HVP is a leading national resource when it comes to ASC consulting, development and management. We’ve performed countless feasibility studies and have assisted hundreds of Physicians or Hospitals as they seek answers to all the key questions.

After we’ve helped you determine ASC feasibility (or provided strategies to you to make it feasible!), we can also assume primary responsibility for successful development and ongoing professional / specialized management of your ASC. Give us a call at 615-457-1848 or visit our website at to learn more about what HVP can contribute to you and your ASC.

ASC Management Companies

Healthcare Venture Professionals (HVP) is not your typical ASC Management Company. While other Companies may say this, HVP can “walk the talk” when it comes to backing up this claim.

While there are many things which make HVP different from other ASC Management Companies, there is one primary reason which most supports this difference. All of HVP’s Senior Executives have “sat in the chair” when it comes to real world healthcare experience. We have a special understanding of our Clients because we’ve spent our entire professional lives working closely with Physicians and Hospitals.

For example, the Co-Founders of HVP (Chuck Owen and John Smalley) have both served as Hospital CEO’s (Chuck’s also been a Hospital CFO) and as Multi-Hospital System Executives. This gives them a unique perspective when it comes to working with Doctors and Hospitals in the provision of ASC Consulting, Development and ongoing Management Services.

With this perspective comes a true understanding of all the opportunities and challenges (and not just ASC-related issues) which Hospital Senior Management and Physicians routinely face on a daily basis. This translates to practical and insightful approaches to specific issues which can arise when structuring an ASC “deal” or in managing ongoing ASC operations. Given our background and experience, ASC-related solutions are provided in the context of overall Hospital and Physician priorities.

Other HVP Senior Executives also bring in-depth real world experience to the equation. Steve O’Neill, HVP Director of Operations, has spent his entire career successfully operating and consulting with both individual and groups of ASC’s. Lou DeChesser, HVP Director of Clinical Services, has a similar background in ASC operations and has also had significant management responsibility within the Hospital / Operating Room environment.

And remember, an HVP Principal or Director of Operations is directly involved with every HVP Client and Project. You’ll see one of them at every important meeting or event concerning your ASC.

To sum it up, your ASC Project will benefit from direct involvement of a Senior HVP Executive with practical healthcare experience and specific ASC expertise. To learn even more about what makes HVP “different”, visit our website at or call us at 615-457-1848.