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Surgery Centers

In most markets, outpatient surgery procedures now account for 70% - 80% of all surgery procedures being performed. While many procedures are still being done in a Hospital outpatient setting, the trend toward the development of freestanding Surgery Centers has continued. In fact (depending on the data you look at), the number of Surgery Centers now exceeds the number of acute care Hospitals in the U.S.

The trend toward Surgery Centers has occurred for several reasons. When compared with a Hospital setting, Patients and Physicians greatly prefer the improved access, convenience and other amenities found in the typical Surgery Center. It also is a lower cost site for the Patient to obtain needed outpatient surgery. The high level of Patient / Family (and Physician) satisfaction with the Surgery Center approach is well documented.

Given its dedicated nature, the well-operated Surgery Center is much more efficient and effective when compared with even the best run Hospital outpatient surgery setting. Surgeons can be much more productive which, in turn, creates additional valuable time for them to pursue other personal and professional endeavors. In many situations, Surgeons can also be provided with an opportunity to acquire ownership in the Surgery Center. Finally, involved Physicians truly appreciate the opportunity to have increased input and control of quality-related decisions for their outpatient surgery Patients.

The Hospital too can frequently benefit from participation in the development of a freestanding Surgery Center. This is certainly a better alternative than losing a majority of outpatient surgery volume to a Center owned solely by others. A separate Center can also allow the Hospital to better utilize its existing Operating Room and / or free up needed space for other (new or expanded) revenue producing services. If a Joint Venture approach is taken to Center ownership, then a scenario is created where the Hospital and Physicians can collaborate as Partners and subsequently enjoy the many potential benefits that should result from such collaboration.

If you’d like to learn more about Surgery Centers, we at HVP would love to help you out! Visit our website at or give us a call at 615-457-1848 so that we can talk with you personally about this exciting topic.

ASC Management

HVP specializes in a wide range of ASC-related services. If we had to pick one of these services as our “core business”, however, it would certainly be long-term ASC management. If you are a Physician, Hospital representative or someone else involved in the ownership of an ASC, there are many reasons why you should consider HVP to manage your ASC investment.

First of all, the Executives of HVP bring dozens of years of experience working with Physicians and Hospitals to the table. We understand your environment and the numerous other pressures you are facing every day. Our goal is to make sure that the professional operation of your ASC is not one of these pressures! We’ll handle problems and, more importantly, take advantage of opportunities that present themselves that could lead to even more success for your ASC.

Secondly, HVP works diligently to tailor our management services to meet the specifics of your ASC situation. As opposed to a “cookie cutter” approach, HVP draws from its full complement of ASC operational expertise to develop (working directly with you) the right mix of services that will meet your individual needs.

We’ll also provide you with a top-notch ASC Executive and support this individual with that same complement of consultative services and expertise. This on-site Executive is selected by and serves at the pleasure of the ASC Board or Ownership. HVP cannot remove or replace this Executive without your approval. This Executive works for you every day to improve the status of your ASC.

And don’t forget - either a Principal or the HVP Director of Operations is directly responsible for every HVP Client relationship. You’ll see us routinely at your ASC Board meetings and other key functions. This direct access to the senior leadership of HVP is one more way to ensure that your ASC is benefiting from the quality and breadth of support services available to you as a result of your decision to allow HVP to be the day-to-day manager of your ASC.

If you’d like to learn more about how your ASC can benefit from a management relationship with HVP, call us at 615-457-1848 or visit our website at