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ASC Companies

At Healthcare Venture Professionals, we’re specialists in dealing with Ambulatory Surgery Centers. We’ve worked with dozens of ASC’s and dealt with all aspects of their planning, development and ongoing operations. Our vast experience has helped us to gain a deep appreciation and thorough understanding of the many ASC complexities that a Company such as ours must be prepared to address on a routine basis. Whether you’re considering a new ASC, expansion of an existing facility or dealing with leadership transition or operating problems, HVP is the Company that can help.

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ASC Companies – What Sets HVP Apart

What makes HVP different from other ASC Companies? First of all, our senior executives have years of “real world” experience and success in dealing with Hospitals, Physicians and ASC’s. Most of us have served as Hospital CEO’s, CFO’s and in other high level capacities. We’re not just trying to put together an ASC “deal” without the benefit of really understanding the special perspectives of the Physicians and Hospitals involved.

ASC Models – Our Approach

While we’ve worked with ASC’s owned by individual Hospitals or Physicians, we place special emphasis on the collaborative or Joint Venture (JV) model as the preferred approach to ASC ownership wherever appropriate. Again, the unique background and experience of the HVP team makes us specially qualified to deal with this collaborative form of ownership.

Unlike many other Companies, HVP gives you as the ASC Owners the choice of whether you’d like to have HVP also participate as an equity Owner in your ASC. If this should occur, you’ll also see that HVP is willing to consider a smaller equity position than most other Companies will mandate as a minimum. ASC Models in Detail

ASC Development and Management Consulting

With HVP overseeing development and then subsequently managing your ASC, you’ll enjoy access to a full range of ASC consulting and support resources. At the same time, you’ll appreciate HVP’s strong commitment to tailor its services to meet the specific needs of your ASC as opposed to squeezing in a corporate “cookie cutter” approach to a problem or opportunity regardless of whether such an approach is best for your unique situation.

And don’t forget, an HVP Principal or our Director of Operations will have direct responsibility for our relationship with you. You’ll see this person at your monthly ASC Board meetings and at other key events. We won’t disappear once the deal is signed!

For these and many other reasons, HVP is different from other ASC Companies. To learn more about how you can be “special” as an HVP Client, call us at 615-457-1848 or visit our website at