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G.I. / Endoscopy Centers

Healthcare Venture Professionals continues to believe that the development of a free standing single specialty G.I. / Endoscopy Center is an excellent business opportunity in many situations. Given HVP’s historic commitment to the Joint Venture (JV) approach to ASC ownership, the formation of such a Center can also be a great opportunity for Hospitals and Physicians to collaborate in such a G.I. / Endoscopy Center endeavor.

The Patient’s perspective regarding a free standing G.I. Center is clear. A needed service can be obtained in a more efficient, effective and lower cost setting. Any lag time between procedure scheduling and performance should be minimized. The Center should be more comfortable, convenient and accessible due to its design and location. The end result should be a much more satisfied Patient and Family. If a JV approach is taken, the Community may also see added value in the G.I. / Endoscopy Center when compared with what otherwise might be an adversarial or competitive relationship between the Hospital and Physicians under a unilateral ownership model.

A more recent question being heard concerns the recent changes to Medicare ASC reimbursement for Endoscopy services provided in a free standing ASC setting. Despite the decreases in Medicare facility payments scheduled to take place between now and 2011 for G.I. services, HVP believes that a free standing Center can still do well. The key to this success will be even greater attention to effective business planning, facility design and ongoing management leading to the achievement of all possible operational efficiencies.

The JV G.I. / Endoscopy Center may present a special opportunity. When properly developed and operated, the Center can offer services that emphasize high quality, lower costs and exceptional Patient satisfaction. Physicians, Hospital and Community all stand to benefit greatly under this collaborative approach.

HVP can help Physicians and Hospitals get started down the G.I. / Endoscopy Center collaborative path. Take a look at a fuller version of this Article under the “What HVP Thinks” section of the HVP website at Then call us at 615-457-1848 to request more information or talk with us personally about your specific opportunity.