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Hospital Physician Joint Ventures

Ambulatory surgery centers, or ASC’s, are one of the best examples of what can be profitable and mutually beneficial Joint Ventures (JV) between a Hospital and its Physicians. Healthcare Venture Professionals is committed to this collaborative approach and strongly believes that this model, if properly investigated and thoughtfully implemented, will succeed in most local or regional healthcare markets.

Both the Hospital and participating Physicians stand to benefit from this approach. This doesn’t mean that either party to this partnership will see 100% of their perceived needs met by this model. The creation of a true partnership means that a goodly amount of “give and take” must come into the equation in order to make it work. Once this fact is openly communicated and discussed, however, it is certainly possible to see the vast majority of these needs met to the overwhelming satisfaction of the partners.

Both Hospital and Physicians can see a decrease in what has frequently been an ever-growing amount of direct competition in the provision of healthcare services. The traditional Physician-Hospital relationship, usually of critical importance to both parties, can be noticeably strengthened by a successful ASC partnership. A positive message of collaboration goes out to the Community.

From a purely business perspective, a state-of-the art outpatient surgery facility allows both providers to furnish such services in a much more efficient, convenient and cost-effective fashion. Hospital congestion is decreased. Physicians are more productive. Patients / Customers are more satisfied and tend to stay “close to home” when they need such surgery. The collective market shares for both the Hospital and Physicians should expand as “outmigration” is minimized. We could go on, but you get the picture.

HVP specializes in ASC’s and particularly in the Joint Venture approach to ASC’s. You can learn more about the philosophy and capabilities of HVP in this regard by visiting our website at Or if you’d like, give us a call at 615-457-1848 and we can personally talk about the advantages of the Joint Venture / collaborative form of ASC ownership.