Hospital Physician Collaboration

Healthcare Venture Professionals provides leadership and support to Hospitals and Physicians seeking to collaborate on the creation of a joint clinical venture for the provision of outpatient or ambulatory surgery services. The Joint Venture (JV) ASC is one of HVP’s areas of special emphasis and expertise.

There are both “offensive” and “defensive” reasons why both parties should consider this partnership approach vs. a unilateral ownership model where only the Physicians or the Hospital own the ASC. Avoidance of direct competition, fostering a collaborative environment, sharing of risk / expenses / rewards and sending a positive message to the Community are only a few of the many reasons to consider the JV alternative.

HVP believes that the collaborative approach to the development of an ASC can result in many quantitative and qualitative benefits for involved Physicians and the Hospital. Realistically, if both parties have a sincere interest in becoming partners, the resultant open communication and growing trust between the Hospital and Physicians will help both parties understand and accept what each party may have to “give up” in order to make the partnership work.

At this point, you’re probably saying that the above assertions are “pie in the sky” or “easier said than done” – and you could be right! HVP is not naïve about the degree of sacrifice, commitment and hard work that goes into a successful partnership. We’re “students” as well as experts when it comes to the collaborative model, and our real life experience is constantly teaching us more about the creation of effective, long-lasting partnerships between Hospitals and Physicians. It’s also why we believe you need an experienced group such as HVP to facilitate the process of forming an ASC JV.

HVP can help you avoid or minimize the pitfalls inherent in creating an ASC partnership. While we’re far from perfect, we strongly believe that Physicians and Hospitals truly interested in the ASC JV model can benefit from HVP involvement. We’d welcome an opportunity to talk directly with you about this-give us a call at 615-457-1848. And visit our website at to learn more about HVP’s corporate commitment to the collaborative / partnership approach when it comes to ASC’s.

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