Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophies


HVP will provide a full continuum of development, management, leadership and consulting services to Hospital or Physician Ambulatory Surgery Centers with a special emphasis on Hospital – Physician collaborative relationships such as Joint Ventures.


HVP will be recognized as Surgery Center Specialists and a national leader in the development, management and consultative support of Physician or Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Centers and in the specific area of Physician – Hospital collaboration.


Physician or Hospital customers will receive guidance and support from HVP premised on the highest standards of leadership, integrity, personal service and accountability.

We believe in:

  • Providing the highest possible value to our customers.
  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect. 
  • Being honest with ourselves, our customers and our business associates.
  • Working hard - balanced with fun and the celebration of successes.
  • Preserving an employee-owned and controlled company culture.
  • Controlling our own destiny.
  • Supporting our families, friends, customers and colleagues.
  • Helping each other achieve personal and professional success.
  • Having the courage to always “do the right thing”.
  • Learning and growth as a life-long commitment.
  • Striving for excellence – everyday.


The goals of any ASC should be consistent with and supportive of the individual and collective goals of the Physician or Hospital owners from both a business, personal, and community service perspective. Physician or Hospital ASC's should be locally governed and controlled. A conservative approach with strong emphasis on legal and regulatory compliance will be used in dealing with all aspects of Physician or Hospital ASC's to include feasibility analysis / pro forma development, syndication / private placement offerings, development and management services and provision of consultative / support services. Frequent, open and effective communication between and among all parties will directly contribute to the ongoing success of the ASC.  Physician / Hospital collaboration is a preferred healthcare partnership model.  Physicians and Hospitals should proactively seek to identify and pursue opportunities for formal collaboration.  Physician / Hospital partnerships should be seen as a long term proposition which is supportive of an overall collaborative strategy.  In many situations, Physician / Hospital collaboration can best serve the long term interests of patients and the community as well as all Hospital and Physician owners. The results achieved by a formal partnership / Joint Venture should serve to preserve and strengthen “traditional” Physician / Hospital relationships.  The value of any ASC will be maximized for Physician or Hospital owners by achieving optimal patient satisfaction, Doctor / user satisfaction and financial results.