HVP recognized by Becker's ASC Review and MHA Programs

Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
HVP named as one of 50 ASC Management & Development Companies to Watch in 2014 in the November/December, 2013 issue of Becker’s ASC Review.

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Health Venture Professionals was named in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Becker's ASC review as one of 50 ASC Management & Development Companies to Watch in 2014. Click here for full article.

HVP was also featured as one of the 100 most important websites in Healthcare Leadership by MHA Programs.

**Excerpt of article**

Strong leaders are more important than ever to the health industry. The obesity epidemic, the aging of the enormous baby-boomer generation, and the rapid progress of healthcare technology have forced the medical industry to evolve and meet new challenges quickly, and skilled leaders are needed to keep everything running smoothly. Fortunately, leadership skills can be taught and learned, and there are many professional consultants and organizations working to promote the best practices, management skills, and administrative techniques that are so vital in healthcare organizations.

Even healthcare executives with years of experience need to refresh their skill set sometimes, and anyone working in a management or administrative position in healthcare should be conscientious about their leadership practices. This collection of sites includes organizations for seasoned professionals, recent graduates, and current students hoping to commit themselves to healthcare leadership. This is not a ranking, but a diversified compilation of sites to meet needs at every point on the education and experience spectrum.

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