The HVP Collaborative Model—A Bigger Pie

Larger PieAs an alternative to the “Unilateral Model” (or to “doing nothing”), Hospitals and Physicians can join together as true business partners to create an ASC.

The motivation for this collaborative / JV approach may be the desire to maintain and enlarge the market share for ambulatory surgery patients in a way that both the Hospital and Doctors collectively succeed.

Under this alternative model, the market “pie” becomes bigger as all JV partners mutually benefit from increased patient satisfaction, larger combined market presence and an enhanced financial result.  Under this scenario, the community also receives a very positive message about the Hospital and Physicians being able to “get along” in working together for a common purpose.

This alternative model, which HVP believes is the preferred model in many situations, can result in the interests of the Hospital, Physicians and the patients / community being best served in the long run.

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