Company Overview

Healthcare Venture Professionals, LLC (HVP) is a full-service ASC management company that provides professional leadership, management and consultative resources to Hospital or Physician ASC's.

HVP places special emphasis on Hospital – Physician collaboration or Joint Ventures (JV’s). We believe that the Hospital – Physician JV is a preferred ASC partnership model – for both the Hospital and the Doctors. We also recognize that such a collaborative approach is not always feasible or practical for a variety of reasons.

Hospital Physician PartnershipNo matter whom the owner is, we work as a team with the Hospital and /or Doctors with a focus on achieving optimal patient satisfaction and financial results for your ASC. A successful ASC should drive increased market share for all owners. As Surgery Center Specialists, providing leadership and management resources to assure the ongoing success of the venture is HVP’s core business.

HVP is an employee-owned company. The founders of HVP chose to personally fund the company to eliminate any undue influence or expectations from outside investors. HVP is free to always act in the best interests of our client partners as we grow both our own company and your ASC. All senior-level employees of HVP, be they on-site executives or off-site support personnel, will enjoy a degree of ownership and share in the success of HVP as we serve you, our customer.

More About Healthcare Venture Professionals, LLC

HVP Leadership

HVP Leadership Team 200+ Hospitals or healthcare systems and thousands of Physicians have used our expertise. Over their careers, the professionals of HVP have led the formation and / or ongoing management of more than 80 ASC’s representing close to $400 million in value. HVP senior executives...

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Our Mission

Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophies MISSION STATEMENT: HVP will provide a full continuum of development, management, leadership and consulting services to Hospital or Physician Ambulatory Surgery Centers with a special emphasis on Hospital – Physician collaborative relationships such as...

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Awards And Associations

ASC Industry Awards & Professional Associations Awards by HVP Managed ASC’s 2010 Outpatient Surgery Magazine Excellence Award Best Patient Satisfaction Scores – 2nd Place West Hartford Surgery Center 2012 Outpatient Surgery Magazine Excellence Award Best Policy & Procedure...

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HVP Benefits

HVP Benefits Simply put, HVP helps to “make the pie bigger” through enhanced market share for the Hospital or Physician owners. The results are more patients, more revenue and more profits – and a more convenient, higher quality clinical service. More HVP Benefits Local control:...

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Employment Opportunities

Specific Opportunities  OPENING SOON - Mon Health Center for Outpatient Surgery;  Morgantown, WV     Check local listings for opportunities. General Opportunities We welcome experienced healthcare professionals and especially those with significant leadership experience in ASC...

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